ARM Compiler

Arduino platform has definitely enabled a lot of people including those non-tech savvy ones to enter into the electronics worlds. From the beauty of Arduino, pathopsychology now comes the challenge in making Arduino-like environment accessible across as many hardware platforms as possible. This would enable the simplicity and yet powerful Arduino platform to harvest on more powerful resources provided by different hardware to overcome hardware limitations based on different needs. 

This approach will never be fully realized without contributors. So all contributions are welcome. Also, check comments/suggestions will be highly appreciated. : -)

Let’s see what wonders we can create together…

Now, a little about me. My name is Ram, I am an independent IT consultant based in Bangkok and really like the Arduino project but it did not fit my needs so I started playing with ARM and manage to understand a bit about it then started this project. Feel free to contact me via the Contact us page : -)
Now as XDUINO-IDE is ready for download, food
these are the list of components you will find in XDUINO-IDE. This platform provides ease of compiling and uploading to the ARM Cortex-M3 devices by simply clicking the button on the main interface : -).

Main components includes:

  • C++ compiler with C and C++ libraries
  • ARM Cortex-M3 stm32f series mcu firmware/software uploader
  • XDUINO library for programming with Arduino-like syntax
  • Programming template in XDUINO and general ARM styles
  • and much much more..
  • What are you waiting for, you can signup to download it now from Download page.

    ARM Compiler is also part of the XDUINO project.

    The FREE ARM Compiler is bundled within the XDUINO-IDE package. Once XDUINO-IDE has been installed,
    programming with Arduino syntax or ARM general programming can be done immediately. There is no need to set compiler options. The bundled FREE ARM Compiler has been tested with Cortex-M3 STM32 Thumb-2 instructions.

    With ease of programming either by XDUINO-IDE or other IDE such as Keil, IAR, etc. One can easily build embedded application with Arduino commands.