What can Xduino do?

Have you ever want to control simple light switches, illness turn on-off your electronic equipment, open your door locks from your computer? or something similar along these lines? or to be able to do those things from small little box that you can make by your self which can work without needing to switch on the bulky computer?

Xduino platform can help you do just that. First you’ll have to get a suitable microcontroller set then write simple program for it the programming examples are on the platform page. After programming into your microcontroller you are pretty much done, now you can unplug this microcontroller from your computer, connect proper wires, switches, LED, motors, etc. to it and start to make it perform exactly just like how you have programmed.

This kind of implementation have existed for decades. However, programming these microcontrollers used to be very difficult until Arduino project got started and Xduino is just taking Arduino to the next level by extending hardware support to make it support other microcontollers and not just ATMEGA/AVR platform.

Currently Xduino supports ARM Cortex-M3 STM32 microcontroller. If you are interested in getting an ARM Cortex-M3 STM32 certified by Xduino board, you can contact us.

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