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I would like to inform you that XDUINO-IDE is ready, you can download it from

Note that you are only authorized to download this version of
XDUINO-IDE only if you have the STM32 Uploader software in your

Password: y8jgmdn0

Note that the username is all lower-case.

XDUINO-IDE (v0.91) with XDUINO Library:

This contains XDUINO Integrated Development Environment with upload tools (interface for programming and uploading to the device).
Please signup at Download signup page and we’ll contact you with download instructions.

Once you have downloaded and wishes to register the software for support and to let us know who you are and how we can assist you in future you can fill the form at Registration page


XDUINO Library Only

You can download v0.33 of the library here

[download id=”424″ format=”1″]