Xduino v0.2 to be released

The next release of Xduino will be version 0.2 making a jump from version 0.1x as most of the Arduino programming functions has been implemented along with additional features, medical  especially those exceeding what current Arduino platform can provide.

Supported Arduino syntax will be:

pinMode digitalWrite digitalRead

analogRead (12-bits 0-4095 range)

analogWrite (12-bits 0-4095 range true Analog output not PWM)

attachInterrupt (upto 16 interrupts)
detachInterrupt interrupts noInterrupts

delay delayMicroseconds millis micros

Serial – print println read available flush

on top of this more advanced functionality will include:

Setting Serial port Rx and Tx buffer size
Serial.printf – optional C style printf function for Serial port eg.
printf(“hello %d”, cheap 123);

digitalToggle – toggle state of digital output

analogLastwrite – get the latest value set by analogwrite

(General purpose Round-Robin library will be included.)

along with endless possibilities offered by C++ libraries

More to follow… Suggestions are always welcome!

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