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Xduino download update

Xduino team is currently out of station so we are positing temporary download instructions here : -)

Kindly signup here first:

I would like to inform you that XDUINO-IDE is ready, you can download it from

Note that you are only authorized to download this version of
XDUINO-IDE only if you have the STM32 Uploader software in your

Password: y8jgmdn0

Note that the username is all lower-case.


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MCU and boards testing

We are currently testing out some additional MCUs some comes with Ethernet so the inclusion of TCPIP stack could be included in the future scope. We also have received some request from Apple/Mac OSX users and as we currently don’t have access to any Apple/Mac OSX system and without any funding we cannot proceed on this. However, if we can get some substantial sponsorship/donation we will proceed on this as well as intensively continue our development.


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Xduino forum decision

We are currently deciding to go with either phpBB or SMF. If you have experience with these forums please let us know your opinion.

The topics within the discussion forum will include but not limited to:
– Xduino IDE (including ARM Compiler) and Xduino library (with Arduino-like commands) feature request/comment/suggestion/ideas
– Interesting program/projects/library
– Help channel and trouble shooting

Let us know what you think.


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XDUINO IDE v0.91 notes

First, we would like to thank those who have given feedback on XDUINO IDE which contains ARM Compiler, libraries, and other tools necessary for getting the Xduino project running.

Important notes:

  • If you get anti-virus warning from running the software, you can ignore it if you have signed up and downloaded the software from our site. The warnings are inaccurate. We have seen this generally happens with compressed/encrypted executable files. For some anti-virus program you might have to make it explicitly exclude the XDUINO-IDE executable file from the anti-virus software.
  • After starting the IDE if you see “Verifying” at the bottom of the IDE, it means that the IDE is trying to Verify your registration information. There is no need to wait for this to complete if you have registered properly. You can start using the IDE immediately.
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    ARM compiler, uploader, programming library all in XDUINO-IDE

    Now as XDUINO-IDE is ready for download, these are the list of components you will find in XDUINO-IDE. This platform provides ease of compiling and uploading to the ARM Cortex-M3 devices by simply clicking the button on the main interface : -).

    Main components includes:

  • Free ARM compiler
  • ARM compiler with C and C++ libraries
  • ARM Cortex-M3 stm32f series mcu firmware/software uploader
  • XDUINO library for programming with Arduino-like syntax
  • Programming template in XDUINO and general ARM styles
  • and much much more..
  • What are you waiting for, you can signup to download it now from Download page.


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    XDUINO-IDE v0.91 available now

    XDUINO-IDE is ready for you to use with ARM Cortex-M3 STM32 boards. : -) Just fill out fill in the registration form on Download page.

    Here is a screen shot:

    XDUINO IDE v0.91 screen shot

    XDUINO IDE v0.91 screen shot


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    XDUINO-IDE v0.91 released

    XDUINO-IDE (v0.91) with integrated uploader tool is finally here. The current release will only be available for those who have bought an XDUINO board from us.

    If you have bought a board from us and wants to download the IDE, please send us a note and we’ll get back to you asap.

    XDUINO package with library files has been renamed XDUINO-lib.

    There is also a minor upgrade for XDUINO-lib in the just released version 0.33

    Happy XDUINOing


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    Xduino v0.31 released

    Xduino v0.31 has been released. This release include STM32f10x required libraries as well as project example file for Keil RV-MDK and IAR EWARMv5.

    Minor change has been done for serial port buffering to make sure that buffering is done seperately for each serial port.


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    Xduino 0.3 released

    Finally Xduino version 0.3 has been released. This version has all Arduino platform functions except for analogReference() function.

    On top of the the above, Xduino have taken a step further by extending the functionalities above and beyond current scope. For more information please check the Documentation section.

    This version also includes Keil RV-MDK project file example.


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    Xduino v0.2 to be released

    The next release of Xduino will be version 0.2 making a jump from version 0.1x as most of the Arduino programming functions has been implemented along with additional features, especially those exceeding what current Arduino platform can provide.

    Supported Arduino syntax will be:

    pinMode digitalWrite digitalRead

    analogRead (12-bits 0-4095 range)

    analogWrite (12-bits 0-4095 range true Analog output not PWM)

    attachInterrupt (upto 16 interrupts)
    detachInterrupt interrupts noInterrupts

    delay delayMicroseconds millis micros

    Serial – print println read available flush

    on top of this more advanced functionality will include:

    Setting Serial port Rx and Tx buffer size
    Serial.printf – optional C style printf function for Serial port eg.
    printf(“hello %d”,123);

    digitalToggle – toggle state of digital output

    analogLastwrite – get the latest value set by analogwrite

    (General purpose Round-Robin library will be included.)

    along with endless possibilities offered by C++ libraries

    More to follow… Suggestions are always welcome!


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